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About Vibration
Technical Details


VIBCO Flow Aid Devices

We offer a range of equipment to keep Bulk Materials moving in chutes, bins or hoppers.


Air Vibrators


Turbine " Silent " Vibrators


Sanitary Turbine Vibrators 


Piston vibrators.


Ball type Vibrators.


High capacity rotary units.
















Rotary Vibrators

The VIBCO Catalogue on 240/415V AC Electric Vibrators. For details request the VIBCO INC general catalogue. Special units are available as shown below, but VIBCO also provide high speed electric units. We are available to assist  with the application of the best unit for your special needs.



12 & 24V DC units. 


Suitable for mounting onto truck bodies to assist in unloading, and reduce the chance of rolling over. Units are available for fitting to portable hoppers or chutes where only DC is available.









Variable speed/ force 240V 50Hz 1 Ph


Special High Speed & Variable speed Electric Vibrators.

Ask for the catalogue on the SCR series.









Truck Body Vibrators


For a Full range of the Vibco Vibrators specially engineered vibrators for fitting to truck bodies. Units are available as, Air, Hydraulic or the  Electric " BIG BERTHA" for either 12 or 24VDC.

Please request a catalogue or contact us with your requirements.








Air Cannons


Full range of the Vibco Air Cannons are available, please request catalogue or apply, with application details,  for Vibco to size and recommend the most cost effective solution.











VIBCO Vibratory Equipment

For Feeding, Transfer & Processing of Products.



Vibratory Feeders

VIBCO Emag Electro-Magnetic Feeders.

Rotary Vibratory Feeders.






Vibratory  Conveyors

DIVA with its special  "Dynamic -  Induced -  Vibratory - Absorption" system.

Rotary vibratory or Eccentric driven conveyors.




Vibratory Spiral Elevators

Vibco offer to design special spiral elevators to meet the operating requirements of the plant, all these units are built to order and can vary in diameter and height to suite duty.



Packing Tables

Full range for settling, compacting, or testing. 

Check out the VIBCO catalogue on Packing Tables











Gyratory units in stainless steel.

Linear vibratory units for a wide range of applications in the sizing or de-watering of bulk materials.


Hopper Feeders

Volumetric Feeders

Gravimetric Feeders


Controllers for Electro-magnetic

Vibratory Controller Modules.


Graders, Dryers & Coolers


Burnishing & Finishing Equip.

Vibratory units for polishing, burnishing and Rumblers for the de-flashing of parts.


VIBCO Service

Advise on the application of proposed new or existing Vibratory Equipment.

Design and layout of new vibratory equipment and/or systems.

Assist with servicing of existing vibratory units.



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